For companionship on your journey inside, join us! There are several exciting new things going on this winter!

Workshop on February 24 at 7 PM, at Mirbeau Inn and Spa, Rhinebeck

Increase Wellbeing through Self-Myofascial Release
This workshop will introduce you to techniques you can use to gently ease holding and tension in the body, unblock energetic restrictions and process stored emotion using visualization, breathwork, yoga and small equipment.  

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New online weekly yin yoga class starting Monday February 15, 11:30-1, in partnership with Euphoria Yoga!

Yin yoga is a slow, deep practice that targets our connective tissue, joints and brings a deep sense of balance to the body and mind. Simple postures on the floor will be practiced to relax your muscles in order to stimulate the ligaments, joints and layers of fascia. This class is open to all students, including those for whom regular flowing yoga may not be appropriate.

Click here to join the class (this is a Zoom link)--please arrive at least 5 minutes before class time!

...or join (and donate) via the information that will be posted on the Euphoria Yoga website (schedule info updated daily)

In-person weekly yoga classes at Mirbeau Inn and Spa, Rhinebeck

Reset and Restore Yoga -- Mondays 6:15-7:05 PM 

 Sink beneath mental noise to consciously connect with your body's inner guidance system for a renewed sense of peace, 

 balance, and ease. This integrative practice combines yin and restorative yoga, gentle movement, and guided meditation.

 Appropriate for all levels and backgrounds. (This class is open to hotel guests and Mirbeau Wellness members)

Breathe and Flow Yoga -- Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-10:20 AM 

This class will flow slowly through postures that coordinate with breath to expand our awareness, release tension, and develop stability and centeredness in the body. The goal is to settle the mind and body so that we may face challenges calmly and confidently as we tune in to the inner strength that lives within each of us. (This class is open to hotel guests and Mirbeau Wellness members)