Weekly Zoom classes!

All: $10...
All: no experience needed...
All: Eastern time...
All generalize and are cumulative, which means their effects spread out and grow over time. What would that feel like?

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Tuesday & Thursday 11 AM - Yoga Basics (one hour)
     Gracefully grow into your strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as your comfort with your own physicality. Traditional asanas (standing, sitting, and lying-down poses) are presented slowly, and with clear instruction, so you can feel what is going on. Emphasis is on attention, presence, and oxygenation. Have a yoga mat and a towel or blanket around for props.

Tuesday 8:30 PM - Yoga Nidra (45 minutes - one hour)
     Reset your nervous system (i.e., get out of the ubiquitous, addictive, self-reinforcing fight-or-flight response) by reorienting to your multidimensionality in this guided meditation. I am an iRest level 1 yoga nidra teacher, and have many years of experience studying and teaching about cognition, so I have a unique perspective and enthusiasm about the importance of journeying through levels of consciousness for healing purposes. As I can never say enough times to students: the only power you truly have is where and how you decide to focus your attention (but don't worry--this is ALL the power you need). So, learn to be deliberate with your attention and see what happens. All you need for this practice is a comfortable place to relax your body (this can be done lying down or sitting).

Wednesday 7 PM - Yin Yoga  (90 minutes)     
     This practice, which involves relaxing into seated or lying-down postures, helps cultivate what are probably the most important abilities right now: conscious relaxation; finding comfort with discomfort; and feeling/listening to your sensations and emotions rather than reacting reflexively/distracting yourself/moving without thinking. I wish we could offer this to all students--it is that important! This class is also great at a physical level; it's a complement to your more active practices and helps release physical and energetic restrictions that can contribute to muscular tightness, pain, or limited range of motion. Dress warmly and comfortably. Have pillows, blankets, towels, and cushions (or props) around for props.