About Kristin

Kristin has a PhD in psychology from UCLA, specifically in cognitive neuroscience, which is the Western scientific study of the biological basis of sensory-perceptual experience and mental processes such as attention, memory and language. Within this framework, as a college professor, she has studied and taught about mind-body relationships for more than 10 years. To balance the rational-analytic/Western approach to understanding the mind, as well as the demands of a professional career, Kristin cultivated a personal yoga/meditation practice, a deep interest in helping people one-on-one (much of which came from her experience mentoring students), and a strong desire to understand consciousness experientially rather than abstractly. This, and her background with ceramic art, quite naturally led her to the study of massage; on a sabbatical from teaching, she pursued bodywork training at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage in Albany, NY, and is now a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist focusing on myofascial release and techniques involving the energy systems of the body. Around the same time her world was opening up to bodywork, Kristin completed a yoga teacher training program in vinyasa yoga, and began to dive into the slower, spacious and delightfully mysterious and surprising worlds of yin yoga and yoga nidra. Kristin now uses her voice to guide these practices of inner connection as a yoga instructor, in addition to continuing to teach about cognition and the senses in the college context. In her bodywork practice, informed by her studies in all these areas, she is honored to hold a space for people on their paths to clarity, peace, and, in the best way, self-consciousness.