I have been a yoga teacher for over a decade and taken countless classes, and I also have had my fair share of talk therapy through the years, but there has been nothing to even COME CLOSE as to the amount of healing I receive from a session with Kristin. Her yin classes, her body work, it has been a much needed medicine for me. After 90 minutes with Kristin, I feel grounded, energized, confident and very in touch with my self - my actual self. I feel pure and good. I cannot recommend this woman highly enough. If you ever have the chance to take a class or schedule some body work with her, definitely do it. She is the real deal.

- Valerie, Yoga Instructor


Kristin's calming and nonjudgmental presence and therapeutic touch allowed me to fully connect and become grounded in my own body. As someone who finds it difficult to naturally relax and be still, Kristin instantly afforded me the opportunity to do so. After our initial session, I began to feel emotionally unblocked and gain psychological clarity.

- Tom, Psychology Professor/Psychotherapist