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An experience with Kristin is always a transformative one. The depth of her connection to the subtle body; as well as her extensive experience in the field of cognitive neuroscience, generates an unparalleled space of healing. As a bodyworker myself, I trust Kristin to lead me as we access and release deep physical, psychological and emotional patterns within my body. 

- Gretchen, Massage Therapist

Kristin is talented myofascial release healer but much more than that. She has been able to get my body moving again where it was stuck from various significant injuries suffered in multiple accidents. I have built her into my routine in my commitment to myself to live without physical body pain. I am grateful to her.

- Patrick, Finance Executive

I've attended numerous yin yoga classes of Kristin's. I appreciate her nurturing and thorough guidance into satisfying positions. These sessions were made very special by appropriate, informative, empowering, simply wonderful narration, all in a very calming and soothing voice. This exceptional verbal ability, incorporating sound and ideas, takes the yin experience to a new level.

During an MFR session, while Kristin was working at my side, I quickly fell into a deeply relaxed state. Briefly, it felt as though Kristin disappeared and was replaced by a mentor/soulmate who had recently passed. At that time, I received a beautiful message of clarity and reassurance from my friend. 

- Susan, Musical Healer

As someone having never had bodywork done to me before, Kristin was very understanding and worked with me to make me comfortable and explain the process. She then eased my body into the experience in a way that was supportive and very calming. I came away from it feeling parts of my body relax in ways I had never felt before - it was truly a transformative experience.  I definitely have a new found appreciation for the value of bodywork, especially in Kristin's caring and experienced hands.

- Zion, College Professor

I have been a yoga teacher for over a decade and taken countless classes, and I also have had my fair share of talk therapy through the years, but there has been nothing to even COME CLOSE as to the amount of healing I receive from a session with Kristin. Her yin classes, her body work, it has been a much needed medicine for me. After 90 minutes with Kristin, I feel grounded, energized, confident and very in touch with my self - my actual self. I feel pure and good. I cannot recommend this woman highly enough. If you ever have the chance to take a class or schedule some body work with her, definitely do it. She is the real deal.

- Valerie, Yoga Instructor

Kristin's calming and nonjudgmental presence and therapeutic touch allowed me to fully connect and become grounded in my own body. As someone who finds it difficult to naturally relax and be still, Kristin instantly afforded me the opportunity to do so. After our initial session, I began to feel emotionally unblocked and gain psychological clarity.

- Tom, Psychology Professor/Psychotherapist 

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